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Clinical Counselor, speaker and author Lee Ann Hawkins, is a masters prepared nurse in adult psychiatric and Mental Health and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Lee Ann teaches the practice of heart-focused living through her work as a transformational coach, inspirational speaker and author.  She is available to provide seminars and workshops on her book, managing stress, health and wellness, and on living the life you love.

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7/2/2010 - "Are You Ready to Find Real Love at Last?" (PDF)


Find Love At Last!

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"Attracting The Sweetest Love You Have Ever Known"

February 7, 2010

Hosted by Sandra Yancey, founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork.

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Interview Questions

Radio Topic:
"How to attract the sweetest love you have ever known."

Lee Ann Hawkins is the Author of “Find Love at Last! 7 Steps to Attracting the Sweetest Love You Have Ever Known,” to be published November 9, 2010. She is available to provide seminars and workshops on her book, managing stress, health and wellness, and the practice of heart-focused living.

Q: What inspired you to write this book?

A: I felt inspired to write this book because I discovered how to attract the love of my life, and wanted to share with women who want a sweet love, my story.


Q: You talk about 7 Steps to attracting the sweetest love you have ever known. What are they?

A: "The steps are:

  1. Identify  what you want
  2. Knowi  your baseline
  3. Identify what’s getting in your way
  4. Understanding the physiological influence of thought and emotion
  5. Understanding how the spiritual influence of the Law of Attraction impacts your relationships and life
  6. Heal what hurts
  7. Apply the tools for life with the Law of Attraction to attract the love and life you want


Q: That’s interesting . . . know your baseline. What do you mean by that?

A: "You want to know where you stand with yourself in what I call the Four Life Levels, without a love in your life. These Four Life Levels are: self-expression, the quality of your relationships, health, and prosperity.

Our ability to manage and respond to the stress we feel in any of these areas influences the kind of relationships we ultimately attract, and the quality of life we live.

Once you know where you stand with yourself, meaning, when you know your baseline, you are better able to identify the behaviors you participate in that are getting in your way."

Q: Talk about healing what hurts.

A: "This is one of the most important steps in attracting the kind of relationship you want. Until you heal what hurts, you carry whatever it is with you, influencing the quality of future relationships as well as the quality of your life.

I have identified 5 common behaviors that get in the way when healing what hurts doesn’t happen:

  • Integrity fractures
  • Taking things to heart
  • Needing approval
  • Needing over the top control
  • Resisting forgiveness



Q: Talk about what makes your approach to helping women attract a love relationship that’s right for them different from all the other approaches out there.

A: This approach works. I created a process that’s fun, thought provoking and life transforming.

It works because the first priority is to help women look at and heal their relationship with themselves, which then opens the way to attract the right relationship, or anything else they want, with a sense of empowerment and command over their destiny.

Until you heal what hurts, it will continue to show up and influence the quality of the kind of love relationship you attract as well as the quality of your relationship with yourself, others, your health and prosperity.


Q: What would you say to women who have given up or who want to believe that having a love relationship they have always wanted isn’t possible for them?

A: Don’t give up! The relationship that is so right for you is out there! And if you are willing to try one more time, I will coach you on how to finally attract the love relationship you have always wanted.

Q: Many women feel that success in business and success in relationships is hard, or even impossible. What do you think about that?

A: I believe women can have it all; success in business and in relationships. I absolutely believe that before that can happen the person wanting what they want must believe it is possible for them. We absolutely live what we think and feel we are capable of, no matter what.