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Lee Ann Hawkins is a transformational life coach, speaker, teacher, and author. Welcome to her website!

"No matter the challenge... when we focus on what we would love, and not on the unwanted conditions in our lives a shift begins to happen in the body, mind, and in our state of being. I teach people how to live their life from the desired vision, and how to train the mind and body to be in alignment with that vision no matter what the condition of their life may be."

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    During her programs and workshops, Lee Ann challenges, motivates and inspires her audience through her own life experiences

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    Those who hear Lee Ann speak will tell you that it is an extraordinary experience each time – every time

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    Lee Ann is a master with helping individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses move to the next level of success.

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Find Love at Last!

The love and life you want are waiting for you! This book takes you through 7 Steps to becoming the love you seek, making the health, wealth, and love you want the natural next step!

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