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Be Love Have Love ~ 7 Steps to Having the Love and Life You Want!

This 6 week program was developed from my publication, “Find Love at Last! 7 Steps to Attracting the Sweetest Love You Have Ever Known.”

Through transformational exercises you will learn how to identify and rectify thoughts and emotions that sabotage your dreams, and tools that will provide immediate relief when you feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or want to give up. You will learn practical techniques every week to empower you to have a condition without a condition having you...allowing you to create the conditions that you want.

During this interactive, fun, and very powerful 6 week experience ...

You will learn to:

  • Create a solid foundation for love and the life you desire
  • Know your baseline in love, health, wealth, and self-expression
  • Identify what is getting in your way and how to transform whatever it is into something that empowers and devours you
  • Apply basic understanding of how the body / mind responds to thought and emotion and start taking command of both
  • Heal the hurt that has kept you captive from the love and life you want
  • Practice powerful tools that you can use over and over again to continue living into your dream and create new ones